Welcome to the beginning of the end..

Some say that knowledge is power.
Others say that true knowledge is a sure way to spend the rest of your life in a sanitarium.

Some say that you need to see in order to believe.
Others say that you have to believe to see.

No matter what, nothing is ever going to be the same again. Once you’re on the path to knowledge there is no turning back.
Oh, and by the way; have you ever heard about someone who was able to turn his back on darkness? No? I didn’t think so either..

Thus, this is truly the beginning of the end.. But whether the end will also be your demise is entirely up to you.
Well, maybe not entirely up to you – Cthulhu and his worshippers may have thing or two to say about that..

Welcome to the beginning of your (real) life.

Welcome to Arkham, MA.


The Beginning of the End

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