The Beginning of the End

A night at Lynn General Hospital

Sunday 28th March, 1920

Our three friends stumbes out of the old Corbitt house into the night. Even though some well-timed First Aid has saved John’s life, it’s apparant to everyone that he’s in urgent need of professional medical aid. The guys quickly decide that they need to bring him to a hospital but they are also aware of the fact that major hospitals report any gunshot wounds to the local authorities. They remember that the nearby town of Lynn has a small hospital where the staff is probably not so likely to report these kinds of injuries and so they get into their car and heads off.

The small town of Lynn is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Boston and on their way, when driving around a tight bend, they suddenly see a man standing in the middle of the road waving at them. They stop and the man introduces himself as Elwood Barber. He’s been waiting for help for about 15 minutes and is very happy that the Investigators decided to pull over. He’s been in a car accident and his friend, Father Gideon, is still sitting in his car in the ditch. The guys agree to help and bring the two old men to the hospital in Lynn. T.J. quickly checks out the car and it seems that the old man was telling the truth: The car’s front axle is clearly broken from the impact of the ditch. On the way to Lynn old man Elwood talks about what happened but none of the Investigators seems that interested – but maybe that has something to do with Alistair’s driving skills… Or lack thereof.

Arriving at the hospital they guys heads over to the E.R. but find that it’s closed with a note referring any visitors to the main entrance and the reception. They enter and is greeted by Nurse Todd who quickly examines Father Gideon and with some help from T.J. manages to bring him to one of the Patient’s rooms. Doctor Cleave soon arrives to check on Father Gideon and quickly concludes that he’s in fact in a coma. Suddenly Elwood Barber falls unconcious to the ground and is moved to one of the Patient’s rooms. No need to worry though, he’s just an old man exhausted by the events of the night.

Now John is attended by Nurse Todd and admitted to one of the other Patient’s rooms. While he’s trying to get some rest, Alistair and T.J. debates on wether to stay the night or maybe head back to Boston without John. They decide that it’s best to stay and T.J. immediately heads for the cafeteria to get some sandwiches and a cup of coffee.

Once in a while the guys think that they hear some noises and at one point T.J. is sure that he’s seen someone walk into one of the Patient’s rooms but takes no special notice of it. It is after all, a hospital.

Suddenly the janitor, Enrique, comes running out of one of the Patient’s rooms screaming at the top of his longues that Mrs. Dahl has died! Nurse Todd and Doctor Cleave quickly rushes to Mrs. Dahl’s bed with the Investigators in succession. From the doorway they see the Doctor and Nurse trying to resuscitate Mrs. Dahl but in vain. She’s clearly dead. The Doctor lifts his hands from her body and discovers something truly horrific: His hands are covered in Mrs. Dahl’s blood! He quickly checks her body and says, aimed at Nurse Todd, “She’s been stabbed!”. The Investigators, still lurking in the doorway, did not expect that and are truly baffled by these news.

Nurse Todd tells the Investigators not to enter the room and heads off down the hall to call the local Sheriff.

John, who was trying to get some well-deserved rest, is awoken by the commotion from the other room and Alistair fills him in on what has happened. On his way out of John’s room, Alistair thinks that he sees someone leaving the room where old man Elwood Barber was resting. This makes Alistair a bit worried and heads over to Barber’s bed and sure enough: The lined is soaking wet with blood. Elwood Barber has been stabbed to death. Alistair call for help and Doctor Cleave and Nurse Todd quickly arrives. They look at the wound and then at each other with fear in their eyes. Doctor Cleave rushes out the room and down the hall mumbling something about “he’s not gonna get me, no!”.

A few moments later, a gun shot is heard from down the hall. T.J., who’s been filling himself with tartare sandwiches, is first to arrive at the scene and discovers Doctor Cleave in his office with his brains blown out. Nurse Todd then arrives and even though she has seen her share of violence as a nurse, she is truly horrified by the scene.

At the same moment Sheriff Carter enters the hospital. Nurse Todd leaves the office containing Doctor Cleave’s body and starts talking to the Sheriff. In what appears to be a confession, she tells the Sheriff that Doctor Cleave was responsible for the death of Elvis Green a year ago as he didn’t stitch him up properly after surgery – deliberately. She knew everything about it but held it a secret because “Elvis Green had it coming”. She said that with tonight’s deaths, the Doctor apparantly couldn’t live with the guilt anymore and killed himself. Sheriff Carter then immediately placed her under arrest and asked the Investigators to leave town unless they had any knowledge relevant to the case.

Soon after, the day shift consisting of Doctor Applegate and Nurse Schirmer arrives in order to keep the hospital open for the remainder of the night. They examine John and removes the shotgun slugs from his back. They also inform him that they want to keep him at the hospital overnight as a precaution but that he’s free to leave the next day. Although a bit apprehensive he agrees to this and T.J. and Alistair also agree to spend the night at the hospital keeping their friend company.

Monday 29th March, 1920

The next morning the Investigators leave the hospital and head back to Boston where they find a letter under the door addressed to John. It’s from an Arkham-based Attorney called Edwin Cassidy which claims that John has been named the sole beneficiary in William A. Duffey’s will. John doesn’t seem to recognise this name but is curious to find out more at the proposed meeting the following week.

Later that night the Investigators meet up with landlord Phillip Knott and after telling him about what happened at the old Corbitt house – and some serious bargaining – he pays them most of the agreed fee, telling them that they will receive the rest of the payment when he has spent the night in the old house. Especially T.J. is very sceptical about getting paid so the Investigators decide to keep a firm eye on the landlord for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 30th March, 1920

After spending the night outside the old Corbitt house the Investigators see landlord Knott leave the house next morning and feel convinced that they will get the rest of the payment which they indeed do the following evening.

Still puzzled about the events at Lynn General Hospital, the Investigators decide to head back out to Lynn to see if they can gather some more information about the deaths and Sheriff Carter whom they feel is hiding something.

At the local pub, The Speckeled Hen, the Investigators talk to the barman who tells them about the events that took place a year ago when a drifter called Elvis Green supposedly mutilated and killed a young girl called Sarah Agnees. Elvis Green was later shot by Sheriff Carter and died a few days later at the hospital.

Wednesday 31st March, 1920

Alistair visits the local newspaper where he’s met by a rather obnoxious desk clerk. After a long conversation about nothing he’s presented with newspapers from a year ago but the articles don’t bring the Investigators any closer to discovering the truth about the deaths.

Meanwhile, John visits the hospital and gets his wounds checked by Nurse Schirmer. He also tries to get some information about the deaths a year ago but strikes out. She doesn’t know anymore that what the Investigators already know.

They also visit the police station but Sheriff Carter is in a bad mood and tells the Investigators to get out and leave his town. However, one of his deputies follows them and tells them a bit about Sheriff Carter – he’s actually a very proud man who loves his job but at the moment he’s a bit stessed out due to the current events.

The Investigators then tries to stalk Sheriff Carter when he leaves the police station later that day but fails horribly (nice try, John) and is told by Carter to skip town the next morning – and then there will be no more warnings.

They decide to leave town the next morning and head home for night.

The Haunting - pt. 2

Day 3 (Friday 26th March, 1920)

The Investigators begin their day by visiting the High Courts, Central Police Station, looking for clues as to where the body of Mr. Corbitt could be buried. However, they are not allowed entrance to the records as the clerk (a uniformed police officer) has a strong suspecion that there is something fishy about John. The officer is very close to arresting John but Alistair saves the situation by smooth talking the officer who lets them go but warns John never to come here again. On their way out of the High Courts, the officer urges them to seek information at the Hall of Records, which of course is open to the public.

After a few hours at the Hall of Records, Alistair and John manages to find some civil court records that show that the executor of Walter Corbitt’s will was Reverend Michael Thomas, pastor of the Chapel of Contemplation & Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets. They also find evidence that suggests that the Chapel of Contemplation was closed some eight years ago, more precisely in 1912. Last but not least, they also find references to criminal court records concerning actions taken in 1912 but none of these records are present. Alistair quickly comes to the conclusion that these records can be found at the High Courts.

Meanwhile, T.J. has been stockpiling equipment at the local hardware store, getting ready for what could be hiding in the old Corbitt house.

The guys head back to the old Corbitt house and when hearing loud sounds from the first floor they head upstairs immediately. Once again the sounds are coming from the same room and this time there is also some blood coming down from the wall next to the window. Feeling a bit scared of the noises they close the door and heads down to the basement. John is the first to venture down the stairs but is quickly followed by Alistair. T.J., who is clearly not at ease with the situation, remains on the ground floor “keeping watch”.

The basement is full of scattered tools, nails, pipes, lumber, screws etc. and they also find an empty storage room, intended for coal, where the door to the outside coal shute has been nailed shut. Searching through the rubble, the Investigators find an old garbage can lid and a dagger covered in oddly-thick rust. Suddently the dagger comes alive! The floats through the air, attacking the Investigators and causing all sorts of havoc. Nonetheless the guys keep their composure and manages to tear a hole in the southern wall (which oddly is made of wood instead of bricks) using a crowbar. It reveals a narrow crawl space, another wall and a rats nest full of foul-smelling vermin. Carved into the inner wall, some crude writings reads “Chapel of Contemplation”.

Fed up with the floating dagger, the guys calls it a day and heads home. John decides to try to develop the pictures he has taken in the old house and sure enough – both polls of blood and the dagger are visible on the pictures. This means that the odd occurences in the house are real – and not only figments of their imaginations.

Day 4 (Saturday 27th March, 1920)

Today the Investigators decide to visit Roxbury Sanatarium to find out if the Macarios had any stab wounds on their bodies when they were committed. One of the doctors confirms that no wounds were found on either Vittorio or Gabriela and the guys leave the premises again.

The Investigators then decide to pay the Chapel of Contemplation a visit. T.J. is looking forward to talking to Reverend Michael Thomas, but when they approach the Chapel it quickly becomes clear to the party that the Chapel is nothing more than an abandoned ruin. The building is weathered and overgrown with greenery so much that the gray stone looks more like natural stone than walls and foundation. When passing through the open gate, the Investigators notices a white-painted symbol on the wall above them:


When nearing the symbol, the Investigators feel an irritating tingle in their foreheads, like headache but not quite. The tingling sensation stops as soon as they move away from the symbol.

Inside the Chapel they find nothing but blocks of granite, half-burnt rotten timbers, and old rubbish. It becomes clear to them that a fire has raged the building and left it in ruins. While searching the rubble, the floor suddently gives in beneath them and John crashes 10 feet through the floor down into the basement. T.J. helps Alistair down the hole in the floor and they begin searching the room. When they open the doors of an old cabinet, out falls 2 skeletons dressed in fragments of silk robes wearing the symbol found outside the Chapel. These are clearly the skeletons of a couple of cultists. Inside the cabinet they also find some moldering church records and one journal of cult activities that states that Walter Corbitt was buried in the basement of Corbitt’s house “in accordance with his wishes and with the wishes of that One Who Waits in the Dark”.

The Investigators decides to call it a day and heads back to Alistairs apartment. On the way they make a quick stop at the hardware store to get some pickaxes for digging out the basement floor in Corbitt’s house.

Day 5 (Sunday 28th March, 1920)

The events of the last two days have definately taken their toll on the Investigators but the guys seem determined to get to the bottom of this mystery today!

Back at the old house, T.J. starts digging through the basement floor and while Alistair – equipped with the old garbage can lid – tries to fend off the floating dagger, John searches the revealed inner wall to see if it too is a hoax. And sure enough – it is just another temporary wall!

The Investigators break through the wall and discover a large room with nothing but a table in one corner and a pallet in the middle of the room. Lying on the pallet is a wood-looking figure, some 6 feet long, skinny, naked and with shrunken gums. It has no hair on it’s body and it’s teeth look long and sharp. A low growl is coming from the figure but there is no breathing heard.

John walks through the room towards the table in the corner but when he touches the papers lying on it, they crumble to dust.

Meanwhile T.J. attempts to kill the thing lying to the pallet but somehow completely misses the figure and instead ends up injuring John quite badly! Using a shotgun (or any kind of gun) is not recommended when your friend is standing in the line of fire…

John falls unconscious to the floor and thus does not see what the others now witness: The grim figure rises from the pallet and attacks the Investigators who now have to fight for their lives!

The fight between the ghastly figure and the two remaining Investigators breaks out and even though both Alistair and T.J. at some point falls into a trance-like state where they try to kill each other instead of the real enemy, they manage to slay the thing relatively quickly. At first it seemed like the Investigators weapons had no effect on the creature but all of a sudden, a few well placed (read: lucky!) shots slayed the evil-looking thing.

Once slain, the creature turns into dust and the floating dagger falls to the ground. When searching through the dusty remains, T.J. finds an old amulet. He picks it up and feel a rush of power floating through his body – as the amulet also turns into dust.

Using their First Aid skills, the guys manages to get John concious again and they leave the house together…

The Haunting - pt. 1

The adventure begins when our three friends (Alistair Cartwright, John White and Thomas Jefferson Wall (aka ‘TJ’) are having a nice, quiet drink at a pub in central Boston.

Day 1 (Wednesday 24th March, 1920)
While the guys are sitting at a table getting re-acquainted, a middled-aged well-dressed man walks through the door. He approaches John and introduces himself as Mr. Phillip Knott. He’s a local landlord who have read some of Johns articles from WW1 and felt he was the right man for the job at hand.

Mr. Knott owns a residential house on the outskirts of Boston. The current tenants, the Macario famliy, have been committed to the Roxbury Sanatarium and are unlikely to return to the house. Mr. Knott wants John and his friends to investigate what strange events – if any – occur at the house in order for him to rent out the property again. He gives the Investigators 5 days to complete the job before allowing new tenants to move in.

The Investigators are willing to take on the job if Mr. Knott pays them $20 per day plus $90 per person after the job is completed. The landlord agrees to these terms and hands over the address and keys to the house to John.

The Investigators now decide to split up and do some research:
Alistair lends Johns car and is off to Roxbury Sanatarium to talk to Vittorio and Gabriela Macario – the parents of the family who have been committed. The father, Vittorio, makes no sense whatsoever but when Alistair get up to leave, Vittorio shouts “by his own weapon, the devil is ousted!”. Alistair heads on to talk to the mother, Gabriela, whom he finds sitting in a chair in another wing of the Sanatarium. She’s a bit more coherent and asks if her children are okay and if Sofia and Roberto are taking good care of them. It’s obvious to Alistair that she’s very affected by the events that have taken place at the house which she several times declares that she hates. Before breaking completely down, she also says that the evil presence in the house could cause things to fly around and while it mostly hated her husband, she also could wake up in the middle of the night and find it leaning over her.

John goes to the Central Library but due to lack of information the clerk sends him off to the local newspaper, The Boston Globe. Here he’s met by a female clerk called Stella Kirkwell who’s very uncooperative. Apparantly she has some sort of history with Alistair and wants nothing to do with John unless he brings Alistair with him.

Meanwhile, TJ heads off to City Hall to gather information on the whereabouts of the two Macario children. A friendly clerk agrees to help him in his matter and tells him that Bruno and Giovanni are in Baltimore with Vittorio’s cousin, Roberto Mancuso, and his wife, Sofia.

The Investigators meets up at the same pub later that day to exchange information. Alistair has no idea who Stella is but they agree on buying some chocolate and flowers for her before returning to the Globe.

Back at the Globe, Stella is not impressed with Alistairs complete memory loss as it turns out that they were actually high school sweethearts and together for a total of 7 years before Alistair meet his true passion in life: The books.
TJ, being ever so flirtacious, steps in to save the day and smooth-talks Stella into letting them down to the ‘morgue’ – the achives where all the old articles and clippings are stored.
While Stella, Alistair and John goes to search the archives, TJ spends his time looking for coffee and food (apparantly a recurring theme in his everyday life) while taking a look around the newspaper.
In the morgue Alistair and John come across a 1918 feature story that was never published which tells the story of three different families that have lived in the house since 1880. In all three cases the some or all family members mysterious fell ill or suffered horrible accidents, deaths or suicides that caused them to move out within a few years.
Stella also notes that the clippings in the morgue only goes back to 1878 because of a huge fire at the newspaper. She the sends the Investigators off to the library to look for further information.

Day 2 (Thursday 25th March, 1920)
The very next morning the Investigators heads for the library where John and Alistair spends most of the day looking for clues in old newspapers. During the time spend at the library, they learn that the house was build i 1835 by a prosperous merchant, who soon after fell ill and sold it to a Mr. Walter Corbitt, esq. Some years later, Mr. Corbitt was sued by his neighbors, demanding him to leave the area “in consequence of his surious habits and inauspicious demeanor”. Evidently Corbitt wins the lawsuit because his obituary from 1866 states that he lived in the same place. Furthermore, a second lawsuit was being waged to prevent Corbitt from being buried in his basement, as provided by his will. No outcome of the second lawsuit was found in any newspaper.

The Investigators then decides to go and check out the house.

While TJ chats with the local newspaper vendor, Mr. Dooley, the others enters the house. They quickly go through a few of the rooms on the ground floor but apart from an unusual amount of crosses and other Catholic religious artifacts they find nothing out of the ordinary.

Mr. Dooley gives TJ some information about the neighborhood and warns him about entering the Chapel of Contemplation, a local church situated a few blocks down.

TJ joins the others inside the house when they hear a loud thumping noise coming from the upstairs floor. TJ then draws his gun and heads up the stairs. He moves towards the room where the noise is coming from but when he opens the door nothing is to be seen. The loud thumping stops and TJ walks towards the window to cut the black curtain open. He soon realises that he’s standing in a rapidly expanding puddle of blood and quickly retreats back to the hallway. John quickly takes a picture of the blood but soon after the puddle disappears into thin air. TJ checks himself for any wounds but doesn’t find anything. Now a scratching sound is heard from the window and the gang enters the room where TJ now manages to cut open the black curtain. He takes a look directly down in the garden but sees nothing out of the ordinary.

The Investigators quickly search the remaining rooms on the upper floor but finds a big pile of nothing. They then decide to go back to Alistairs apartment to regroup and consider their next move.


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